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We believe your community is the key to your strategic goals.
Our concepts are born from community and are rooted in the need to build product and event experiences that fit your users values and needs.
Let's set your KPIs and reach them together! 

Software development solutions

Blockchain development

LN Apps Solidity Apps Wallets 

Front-End & Back-End development

Node JS

Vue JS
React JS



CRM, CMS and Marketing campaign customization



Gohst CMS


We design and execute platforms

to connect brands with their ecosystems:


Product and UX to fit your

ecosystem values


Software development to the most secure standards.


Digital hackathons and tournaments to increase engagement with your



Bootcamps, workshop and events that generate B2B sales and design partnerships.

Recent Projects

Website development + CMS and CRM customization

Website maintenance

Hackathon for building apps on the subject of universal basic income

Buy and sell bitcoin algorithm and User interface

Blockchain startup competition in London 

Non-profit projects

Decentralized nation hackathon for Spacemesh and Liberland 


Not-for-profit Projects

Host and organize an event to promote discussion between the industry and Israeli authorities, promoting positive regulation for blockchain,bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies

Positive Blockchain & Bitcoin regulation:

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 20.41.26.png

The IDCrypto club:

Established in collaboration with the IDC university, IDCrypto club is a springboard for launching students from different disciplines into decentralized development. Mentored by Blockchain experts from organizations such as Deloitte, Intel, Bitcoin embassy, Iota, and Zen protocol, students work in groups to research and publish articles on future blockchain developments, enterprise implementation and integration, and its legalities.


Bitcoin Embassy TLV Hackthon:

The Bitcoin emBassy TLV is a grassroots mission aimed at offering a location where the community and enthusiasts can interact, exchange ideas, develop, build and organize events and projects for the community. At the Bitcoin emBassy TLV, all are welcome to share and talk about the decentralized digital currency. In the past four months, I have been leading the organization efforts of the Bitcoin embassy hackathon. Judged by some of the most prominent figures in Israel's burgeoning Blockchain industry, this event is the biggest blockchain industry event in Israel, attracting the attention of stalwarts such as Blockstream, Consensys, Orbs, IOTA, Microsoft, Simplex, Bits of Gold, 500tech, and Zen protocol.


UX & Design Leader

Noam Sahar

Co-founder & CEO

Tomer Weiss

Co-founder & CTO

Alon Shavit