Open finance camp 

In charge of a protocol ecosystem growth? We’re here to supercharge your offering. 


Have a great idea for a financial app? We can assist with that, too.


Work with the most promising entrepreneurs to build innovative, cutting-edge financial products that regain control of money and privacy for potentially billions of users. Grow your protocol ecosystem through a five-month program that starts with over 100 teams and will end up with 30 teams building ways of interacting economically that have never been possible before.


Empowering developers and tech entrepreneurs


Building financial applications that enable billions to take part in the global economy


Boosting the potential for protocols and apps to succeed through expert connections and investment

Your own protocol OFC

We partner with protocols that are aligned with our core mission and values. Together we choose the theme of the individual camp. We match the camp tech stack with the protocol tech stack. We grow the protocol ecosystem by dozens of projects and hundreds of developers through our structured, proven program. 

Programme Overview

Our camp is a virtual venture-building acceleration studio. We offer a structured five-month program. It is broken up as follows: 



Our core team analyse your tech stack, and together we determine the use cases to develop We expand the team by enlisting the services of relevant mentors and expert volunteers.



100 teams submit applications and flag their interest in your mission. 


Value for teams

30 teams are selected to use your tech stack and build open finance apps. During the camp teams receive daily one-to-one mentorship and guidance from our team, sessions with industry experts.



By the time the camp concludes 5 top teams will have a working product, as well as ambassadors, and access to a community of developers and users.

Timeline - How it works 

1. Planning:
Choosing the theme, technology stack, preparing the app you would like to develop. We will consider these important factors carefully and ensure we find the perfect teams to build your ecosystem.  

2. Application:

Approximately 100 teams submit applications explaining what they are working on and how they would integrate your protocol at the precamp stage.


3. Precamp:

During the precamp stage the teams (up to 30 teams) are mentored by us and our network. We conduct bi-weekly calls and engage in daily private communication through dedicated channels (including Slack and Telegram) thus making sure they possess all the knowledge and information they require about your technology stack, and about their UX and the business needs.   


4. Camp:
Top teams are chosen (up to 5 teams) – as agreed by us and the protocol –  to take part in the camp. These teams are granted much more engagement from us and a network of mentors, as well as investment opportunities and grants.

5. Result: 
By the end of the camp 5 teams have a working and sustainable products, as well as ambassadors, developers community and users. 

Value Add to Startups

  • Technology, community and business mentorship from our team and mentors  

  • Investment opportunities - meeting with investors 

  • Business development - meeting with potential partners 

  • Grow community relationship/ambassadors - volunteers from all over the world 

  • PR - exposure both to eastren and westren markets 

  • Users, testers 

  • Startups added to our alumni network.


OUR Team

In the last year Tomer Weiss, Alon Shavit and Noam Sahar facilitated a series of big and successful events focused on ecosystem growth of blockchain technologies and financial inclusion. 
Yonatan Ben Shimon co-founded Beam an open-source project and worldwide community of dozens of developers and ambassadors offering to improve bitcoin.

Past events organised by the founders in the past year:



1. Lightning network hackathon.

2. GoodDollar and eToro - Hack inequality hackathon.

3. Liberthon hackathon - spacemesh x liberland.


Tech events and conferences: 

1. Co-organizers of Tel Aviv Blockchain Week.

2. D&DD Summit at the blockchain week.   

3. Bitcoin 10 years anniversary event.   

4. Finance magnates London startup competition

5. Leading DAO TLV meetups.  


Student Club: 

Funded the IDC Herzliya Blockchain Studetes Club.


Feel free to contact us

Phone: +972508545004

Address: Yechieli 8, Tel Aviv, Israel